Accommodation where the cats live. Would you spare your time and relax with cats?
The unexplored village on the top of Abegawa river Beautiful mountains, Sounds of river exciting people for jogging from the inn
Beautiful skin of hot spring Enjoy the warmth and the proud of Umegashima hot spring

Between cats, Unexplored regions and hot spring

“Umegashima” the hot spring town, located in north part of Shizuoka city.
Share your time with cats,
unexplored regions and hot spring in “Yu No Hana”

About the accommodation and Hot spring


Yu No Hana is located right in the entrance of Umegashima hot spring and Abe Otaki Suspension bridge, welcoming you with firewood’s smoke and cats. We use the local of Shizuoka food and the 3 generations owner serves you feel just like your home. That’s why many people love this accommodation. There is no convenient store around. But, Hear the sounds of river, feel close with Southern Alps peaks, leaving the noise from the city makes you relaxing in the nature.


What is Umegashima onsen?

On the height of 1000 m of north side of Shizuoka, there is a native land of hot spring (Yu) on the uppermost stream of Abe river (Abekawa)which is surrounding by ridge of Abetoge,Hakkourei and Oya Kuzure. It has a high quality of hot spring’s alkaline sulfur and is popular with beautiful skin effect.




新静岡ICから車で50分。奥静岡・秘境の温泉【梅ヶ島温泉 湯の華】 2024年6月の営業日のご案



こんにちは。 梅ヶ島温泉 湯の華 若女将のさゆりです。 まだ梅雨前だというのに、真夏のような暑さ


【2024年6月9日現在】安倍の大滝 通行止めのお知らせ

【2024年6月9日現在】の情報です。 つり橋損傷のため、安倍の大滝まで行けません! 安倍の大滝


Ryokan Introduction

Accommodation in the Abekawa mountain stream

The wood signboard in along the Umegashima road is the sign.Big house with tile roof is “Yu No Hana”.The suspension bridge beside the accommodation is the start line of hiking course on connecting Abe waterfall.

Accommodation in the Abekawa mountain stream
Accommodation in the Abekawa mountain stream

Accommodation which cats living

Started from calico cat(her name is Mi chan), there are a lot of cats living in Yu No Hana.You might have interest of meet a lot of cats here ♪

The spa is hot spring source

The rock bath use Umegashima hot spring which popular with beautiful skin effect. No water adding and rich of hot spring with cooked of firewood. Please enjoy it ♪

The spa is hot spring source
Accommodation with using mountain’s resource our pride cuisine

Accommodation with using mountain’s resource our pride cuisine

We offer country home cooking that focuses on local and seasonal ingredients, such as rice bowls, grilled salmon trout, and wild vegetable soba.

The image is an illustration. It changes depends on the season.

See the mountain view from tatami room

We prepare huge tatami rooms. 9 guest rooms which are possible for small ~ large amount of guests.

See the mountain view from tatami room
Training camping plan (1 night with 3 meals included)
We do have a large hall with stage equipped. Please use it for club or activities in your training camp.

※ Contact us for more details.


  • Rooms/6 units
  • Bath type/family bath tub
  • Capability spaces/18 people
  • Special dishes/Mountain vegetables, Boar hotpot (need reservation)
  • Hall/45 tatami 1 unit
  • Facilities/ping pong table 2 units , camping ground , karaoke

Guide/Accommodation map(PDF)

Staying Plan

Regular plan

Staying overnight with dinner and breakfast
10,000 Yen (excluding tax)
◆Adults 10,000 yen
◆Children of elementary school age and under who require meals 6,000 yen
◆Preschool children who do not require meals (with bedding): free of charge
Enter the rock bath of the source of Umegashima Onsen, which is reputed for its "dense hot spring", and let's take a day's fatigue ♪♪
Morning bath is OK. (Bathroom opening time 6:00-22:00, 6:00-10:00)
For dinner, please enjoy "Yunohana set meal" using natural ingredients and seasonal local products of Okuzu Umegashima.
Breakfast is in traditional Japanese style, including miso soup.

[NOTICE]Food allergies, Halal, Vegetarian, etc. we can serve by degrees, please contact us at least 2 days in advance.
If you wish, we can prepare a set meal of river fish such as yamame and a set meal of Shishi nabe. Please contact us when making a reservation.

✓Shishi nabe(Wild boar hot pot) 1,800 yen per person
(limited quantities only from October to March) 

✓Deer tataki - 1 plate - 1,200 yen

✓Grilled Yamame (landlocked salmon) with salt - 600 yen per fish

Without meal plan

overnight stay without meals
6,000 Yen (excluding tax)
◆Adult 6,000 yen
◆Elementary school students 4,200 yen
◆Preschool children : One child sleeps for free when accompanied by one adult.
These rooms are traditional Japanese-style with futon bedding and tatami mats.
The amount is per person, not per room.
It takes about an hour to drive to the nearest grocery store from this inn.

Please contact us for details of each plan.

Sightseeing Information

Abe waterfall Abe waterfall

Abe mountain pass height 90m,wide 16m, this waterfall has been chosen for the most biggest waterfall in Shizuoka and listed in hundred of waterfall in Japan. Perfect intensity !

40 minutes walk from accommodation

Waterfall of Akamizu

This name was attached when Hoei era big earthquake and Ohya collapsed and caused the waterfall being red.

8 minutes by car from accommodation

Abe mountain pass

Forest road of prefectural border between Yamanashi Pref.Mt.Fuji is available to see if the weather is clear.

20 minutes by car from accommodation


You can have the experience of Japanese Salmon fishing or grab fishing.Grilled the fishes that you got with salt. Others, BBQ ground and athletic.

9 minutes by car from accommodation

Oyunofurusato park

There is a Umegashima hot spring source cave, A waterfall on the side is served as a hot spring waterfall.

2 minutes by car from accommodation

Umegashima hot spring Yumotoya

Enjoy the foods and hot spring. The special product is Oden. There is an outdoor bath too.

2 minutes by car from accommodation


Onsen Inns in Shizuoka, Japan

Umegashima Onsen Yu No Hana

Umegashima Onsen Yu No Hana
5276-2, Umegashima, Shizuoka Shi Aoi Ku, Shizuoka Ken, 421-2301, Japan
☎︎ 054-269-2253


From Shizuoka station(north exit) Get on the Shizutetsu bus toward “Umegashima Onsen” and get off at “Abe Otaki Iri Guchi” It takes 3 minutes by walk from the “Abe Otaki Iri Guchi” bus terminal.
50 minutes by car from Shin Shizuoka interchange
80 minutes by car from Shizuoka interchange

Reservation, Enquiry

Please contact us.
We might not possible to pick up your phone on weekdays. Please contact us by mail.

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